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The global food trade is a vast, growing, and interconnected network of producers, suppliers, and logistics organisations.

Feeding seven billion people on the planet is a challenge, with few countries truly able to claim to be entirely self-sufficient when it comes to all of the food they need.

The largest food exporters not only help to ensure people in developed countries have access to the widest possible range of goods, they also assist developing nations to supply basic foodstuffs for their populations.

While nearly every country on the planet exports some products both to its neighbours and further afield, some countries are fundamental to the global food system.

Who are the biggest food exporters in Europe and across the world?

Who is the largest food exporter in the world?

The global food trade is dominated by a number of key players, and chief among them is the United States.

Renowned for its vast agricultural expanses and advanced farming methods, the U.S. is the largest food exporter on the planet. In 2019, the US exported $118.3 billion of goods across the world.

From grains like corn, increasing quantities of soybeans, to meats, dairy products, and processed foods, American food products are exported to every corner of the planet. The country’s extensive infrastructure and developed trade networks have cemented its position as a dominant force among the biggest food exporters.

The US also tops the list of biggest agricultural producers of major cereal and vegetable crops, followed by China, India, and Russia.

You might presume that the other countries mentioned would also be listed among the world’s largest food exporters, but that isn’t the case.

Whereas the US can produce significant crops for a global market, the remaining three big players all have substantial internal needs. They are less likely to export goods around the world despite their high production totals.

For other significant exporters, we need to look to Europe, another part of the world with a developed agricultural sector.

Completing the top five is south American giant Brazil with some $55.4 billion of exports.

Who are the top food exporters in Europe?

It may come as a surprise to discover that after the US, the world’s second largest food exporter is the Netherlands.

This small country in western Europe outperforms its landmass, with an incredible $79 billion of food exports in 2019.

Just behind their Low Country neighbours are Germany, with $70.8 billion.

France is the third largest food exporter in Europe with $68 billion. 

Helping you take advantage of growing global markets

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