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The markets between the UK and the USA are long standing and well-developed. As a result, UK companies have access to a range of fast and affordable means by which to ship to the USA. In fact, the US is the UK’s largest export market for goods and services. It accounted for 18.9% of total UK exports in the year ending Q1 2019, making it incredibly important to the UK economy.

How do you ship to the USA?

How you ship to the USA will depend on the size of your shipment, delivery timeline and your available budget. If all you want to send is a parcel, then an express courier will probably be the best option. If you’re moving entire palettes of cargo, then air or sea freight will be the most practical and cost-effective option.

Because of the long standing trade networks between the UK and the US, if you’re looking to move a quantity of products to the US then it’s advisable to take advantage of freight forwarding services that can vastly simplify the entire process. Freight foradrers act as intermediaries between shippers and carriers, taking care of some of the complex administrative aspects of the whole process. They can negotiate competitive rates for shipping as well as take care of documentation. They will also organise transport to the end customer as well as negotiate customs.

Freight forwarding will save you time, reduce your costs overall and enable you to concentrate on taking care of your core business.

Are USA ports congested?

There have been ongoing congestion issues at ports in the USA over recent months. These are expected to persist for some time as a consumer driven import boom increases pressure at ports. April 2021 recorded a 31% year-on-year growth in containerised imports to the USA from Asia. As vaccination programmes increase, lockdowns ease and the global economy picks up, its recovery from these delays will slowly begin to improve.

Has Brexit affected shipping to the USA?

Brexit has added to some of the other issues that are impacting global shipping, including that to the USA. New trading regimes, incorporating extra checks and delays have all added to the length of time it takes to unload and turnaround a container. Increased demand for shipping containers, the pandemic and a consumer led import boom into the USA have all played their part in creating delays at ports.

An experienced freight forwarding company can help you negotiate these challenges. They keep abreast of any issues arising at ports, or other logistical problems, and are experienced at finding solutions.

SSO Logistics can help your business export to the USA. Whether you’re an established exporter looking for a new freight forwarding partner or a company looking to venture in American market for the first time we’d love to hear from you.

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