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Road freight is a highly economical, flexible and practical choice when transporting goods across the UK and Europe. It’s a straightforward option when it comes to pallet collection and delivery. All kinds of businesses, both small and large, national and international, make use of road freight services to get their goods to their final destination. In short, road freight is one of the key drivers of international trade.

Long-haul deliveries will be carried out by lorry, with smaller vans covering shorter distances. The choice of vehicle used will also depend on the size of the shipment, its weight and the materials that are being transported. This gives road freight a great deal of flexibility in the type of goods that can be transported.

Road freight is equally suitable for small quantities and goods of a lower value as it is for high volumes of a higher value. Road services make it easier to transport bulk consignments and perishable goods across the UK and Europe.

Because of Europe’s extensive road network, it’s easy to get your goods to their destination quickly and efficiently. Crossing international borders is simpler when done via road. Road freight transport also makes next-day delivery possible across the UK.

What are the benefits of road freight?

Compared to other forms of shipping, road transport is an economical and highly flexible option. It provides a faster service with frequent collections and drop-offs every day. There’s no need to wait for scheduled departures. Your goods will also be collected from your premises and delivered to their destination.

There are fewer restrictions on pallets, and road freight is easier to package, whether that’s palletised or non-palletised. The shipment can also be tracked easily and the driver can be communicated with on the journey.

Full, part and groupage services are available across the UK and throughout Europe.

What SSO International Forwarding can offer

SSO International Forwarding provides a comprehensive set of road freight services enabling you to get your goods to their final destination as quickly and economically as possible.

We take the complexity out of road freight and our Head Office planners work continuously to plan the most economical and efficient route for your freight to take, either through our own fleet or via our network. Our expert customer service team and easy online booking system make arranging road freight for your products simple.

Palletised Distribution

SSO International Forwarding is a trusted partner for the transport of palletised freight via road across the UK and Europe. Palletised distribution allows you to distribute your products across the country and beyond in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Pallets are a tried and tested choice for businesses as they allow for the easy storage and movement of goods. They’re strong enough to carry a wide range of goods without it presenting a safety issue. Palletised distribution networks make it possible to ship anything from a single pallet to larger quantities at a cost-effective price. These consist of a number of companies that work closely together combining their resources. Through this, they’re able to ship pallets efficiently while driving down costs to business.

SSO International Forwarding makes what can seem like a complex process simple. We can provide timed deliveries and guaranteed AM deliveries on our next day or standard services.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)/ Groupage

As well as providing a comprehensive palletised distribution for small to large quantities we can also offer a Less Than Container Load (LCL) or groupage road freight service. At SSO International Forwarding, we understand that some customers might not wish to ship single pallets or might not have enough goods to make up a full load delivery.

Our LCL/Groupage service for road freight allows our customers to ship smaller quantities of goods in a cost-effective manner. Our vehicles travel all over the UK on a daily basis allowing us to take mixed loads from different customers with vehicles going to the same geographical location.

By combining loads from different customers. we’re able to save our customers considerable amounts of money. With a wide range of vehicles available, we can allocate the space required for your goods accordingly. You only pay for the space you need to make groupage the most cost-efficient means of transporting goods.

By sharing a vehicle with other customers for your road freight transportation you not only reduce your transportation costs, you also reduce your impact on the environment when compared with individual haulage for each delivery.

Full Truck Load

SSO International Forwarding can also provide full truckload (FTL), single and multi-drop services for our clients. A full truckload service means that your products can completely fill one of our own vehicles which we then distribute to their destination. It’s an efficient way to move your products quickly as the vehicle will be going directly to the destination.

Our large fleet of vehicles is available for contracted, multiple or full-load logistics as well as one-off loads. We have a network of sites and depots across the country enabling us to fully accommodate your road freight full load needs. Full truckload services are ideal if you have complex distribution needs or wish to ship large quantities of goods.

The experienced team at SSO International Forwarding will help ensure that your goods reach their destination as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We take the complexity out of the process allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

How much does road freight cost?

The cost of road freight can differ considerably depending on the weight, volume, goods being transported and distance to their final destination. For smaller goods, palletised distribution and groupage services will be the most cost-effective way to transport goods. For larger quantities, then full truckloads may be suitable.

The experienced team of logistics professionals at SSO International Forwarding can provide you with an accurate quote for shipping your goods. We will help you find the most cost-effective and time appropriate option, saving you time and money in the process.

To find out more about road freight services and to receive an accurate quote, fill out the form on our contact page, call +44 (0) 1744 410178 or email today.