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Import Services

Import services from SSO International Forwarding make it easy to import goods into the UK. We take the hassle out of importing all kinds of products for use or resale in the UK markets, simplifying the customs process and helping your business to grow.

A complete import service to the UK

SSO International Forwarding provides a comprehensive range of import services to help you negotiate customs and successfully trade across borders. We take the complexities out of the process, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

We can handle the entire process, from finding the right method of international shipping for your goods to negotiating customs, collecting and delivering cargo from all major UK ports to destinations throughout the UK, and providing storage facilities at our headquarters near St Helens.

We act as your partner in the whole process providing a single point of contact from collection to delivery.

How our import services work

SSO International Forwarding take care of the entire import process, from selecting and arranging the right shipping method for your goods, to clearing customs and inward processing. This includes:

Global FCL and LCL Services

Sea freight is usually the cheapest means by which to import goods to the UK, particularly from countries further afield such as China or the US. We have extensive contacts with international shipping companies and can arrange for your goods to be transported to the UK as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We can advise which might be the best sea freight option to choose. For larger consignments or those which contain potentially hazardous materials, a full container load shipment may be the most appropriate.

If you’re transporting smaller amounts of goods then a less than container load allows you to effectively share the costs of shipping goods with other companies and individuals.

At SSO International Forwarding, we will advise which is the most suitable for your needs as well as negotiating with the shipping company on your behalf. We can help secure a lower price to ship your goods through our extensive network of trusted global partners.

Air Freight

Air Freight offers fast and flexible shipping of your goods into the UK. It can be considerably more expensive than sea freight but it does give you a greater range of options in terms of where your goods are brought into the country. In principle, it’s possible to import goods into any UK airport rather than just relying on a handful of ports. If you’re importing goods that have a low volume but a high value and you require speedy delivery, then air freight can be the most efficient option.

Road freight

Road freight can be used to import goods from the EU. Regulations regarding importing goods from Europe have changed as a result of Brexit which has led to some delays and confusion. We will find the most cost-effective road freight option for your goods and help you negotiate the new post-Brexit regulations regarding trade with the EU.

Customs Clearance

Successfully clearing customs is a key part of the import process. We make it easy for you to negotiate the customs process removing the hassle that can be off-putting. We make sure that you comply with HMRC guidelines and that any duties are paid. We take care of all of the necessary documentation and eliminate the risk of delays arising.

All declarations are declared through an HMRC approved declaration system. Any customs issues that do arise are dealt with by experienced logistics professionals and won’t lead to an onward impact on your supply chain. All shipments are cleared end-to-end in the EU and worldwide by SSO International Forwarding.

Clearance and delivery of cargo from all major UK ports

Once your goods have arrived in the UK we ensure that they clear customs in a timely manner. We then transport them to their final destination or to our storage facility in St Helens for shipping on to the end customer as and when required. We make it easy to get your goods into the UK, and facilitate their transit to your customers.

Our own storage facility

We have a 40,000 sq ft storage facility available to store your goods until they are required for delivery. Based just outside St Helens we have easy access to the M62 and M6, as well as Liverpool and Manchester airports, and Liverpool Seaport. We will get your goods where they need to be whenever they’re needed with the minimum of fuss or delay.

Inward processing expertise and support

SSO International Forwarding has industry-leading levels of expertise in handling imports and exports. We take a thoroughgoing approach to what we do and provide unrivalled levels of customer service. We’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have and can guide you through the whole process with minimal fuss.

Whatever your own level of experience with importing goods into the UK, we can provide you with ongoing support to help you streamline your operation, grow your business and increase your profit margins.

What countries do SSO International Forwarding import from?

We can help you import goods from right across different international markets, including the EU, China and the US. We have an extensive network of trusted global partners all of whom can help you import goods to the UK from all corners of the globe.

Why choose SSO International Forwarding?

SSO International Forwarding is a trusted import services partner. We’re big enough to be able to pass on considerable economies of scale to our customers but small enough to be agile and nimble. Our unrivalled levels of customer service mean you’ll never be far away from advice and support. We aim to answer every customer email within 12 minutes of its receipt.

To find out more about the comprehensive import services from SSO International Forwarding, contact us today or call +44 01744 410178 or email