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Freeport Liverpool

Freeport Benefits

Businesses using Freeport Liverpool can access a range of benefits:

  • Freeports give businesses access to duty suspension and duty exemption on re-exports, as well as flexibility on how duty is calculated. Storage and processing activities can be streamlined under a combined freeport customs special procedure, removing the need for multiple authorisations.
  • It is a more efficient way to bring goods into and between custom sites, as well as for exporting them.
  • It facilitates the smooth transportation of goods within customs sites and other specialised procedures.

To access these advantages, it is essential for goods to be situated within a freeport customs site. This allows businesses to access the benefits of streamlined movement and tailored processes that align with their specific requirements.

Who Can Benefit ?

  • A wide range of companies and operators can benefit from using Freeport Merseyside:
    • Importers or exporters
    • Manufacturers
    • Distributors who import or export
    • Re-exporters

Freeport Interest Form

What are customs sites?

A freeport customs site, also referred to as a “free zone,” is a designated and secure area within which certain tax and customs regulations are relaxed.

These sites are crucial for the functioning of Freeports and must have at least one customs site to be operational.

Liverpool City Region Freeport has announced SSO International Freight Forwarding as its first operator for customs sites.

Authorised businesses have the privilege of importing specific goods into a freeport customs site with simplified customs documentation and without the obligation to pay tariffs. However, it’s important to note that a customs site cannot serve as the initial point of entry for goods brought into the UK.

Within the freeport customs site, authorised businesses can engage in various activities such as storage and manufacturing and can utilise the imported goods. This allows them to add value to these goods before re-exporting them, potentially exempting them from import duties if specific conditions are met.

However, if goods are declared for free circulation (home use) within the UK, relevant duties must be paid before their release from the customs site. Domestic goods can also be held within a customs site and then be used for any processing activities.

Freeport Liverpool: What does it mean?

Freeport Merseyside has long been an ambition for business leaders across the region. The opening of Liverpool City Region Freeport marks the dawn of a promising era filled with increased trade possibilities, driving the region’s economic growth to new heights.

The designation of Freeport Liverpool presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses to flourish, as it introduces simplified customs procedures, attractive tax incentives, and an amplified scope for trade engagements.

This new status is predicted to push up investment, foster job creation, and ignite a wave of innovation across various industries.

The Freeport Merseyside’s potential impact on the local economy is substantial, with estimates suggesting a remarkable £850 million injection into the region. This infusion of capital will fuel economic growth, create employment opportunities, and foster a thriving business environment.

SSO International Forwarding has been appointed as the inaugural operator of a custom site within Liverpool City Region Freeport.

With our extensive expertise in freight forwarding, SSO International Forwarding brings unrivalled proficiency and expertise to the site, ensuring seamless operations and efficient management of customs procedures.

We’re ambitious for our clients and want them to be able to harness the benefits that Freeport Liverpool can offer.

Contact us to find out more about this exciting opportunity for growth and how SSOIF can help.