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Food Shipping Services

Food imports and exports not only require careful handling, they’re also subject to changing regulatory requirements.

The UK relies on food imports from countries across the world. In addition, our own food producers ship goods to established and growing global markets.

A food importer or food exporter can simplify the process and grow their business by using an established food shipping company like SSO International Forwarding.

We take care of the paperwork for you, leaving you free to concentrate on other aspects of your business.


Brexit and Food Imports

Brexit has led to a number of changes in how food is imported and exported to and from the UK.

The UK now has the freedom to set its own safety standards and regulations, potentially leading to differences in food labelling, product standards and compliance requirements.

Additional paperwork and new requirements have added complexity to the process.

Working with a food import service or food export service removes the complexity making it easier to grow your food import-export business.


EU and Food Imports

Despite Brexit, the EU remains the UK’s largest market when it comes to exporting and importing finished food products and ingredients.

While Brexit has added new considerations to the process, the EU remains a growing marketplace from which to source and sell products. Trading with EU-based companies gives you access to a wider range of products and a bigger market for your food products.

By working with an experienced food shipping service you can navigate some of the complexities of exporting and importing to and from the European Union.


Freeports and Food

Freeports offer a range of opportunities for food import-export businesses.

SSO International Forwarding has been appointed as the inaugural operator of a custom site within the Liverpool City Region Freeport.

Storage and processing activities can be streamlined under a combined freeport customs special procedure, removing the need for multiple authorisations. Businesses gain access to duty suspension and duty exemption on re-exports, as well as flexibility in how duty is calculated.

To access these benefits, goods need to be situated within a freeport customs site. Food import businesses can then access the benefits of streamlined movement, access to duty-free imports and tailored processes that align with their particular requirements.


Your Trusted Food Import-Export Partner

At SSO International Forwarding, we’re the experts in food shipping across international borders.

We can handle the whole process, from finding the right method of international shipping, and clearing customs, to onward shipping in the UK or overseas.

We understand that food products require careful handling and our experienced team takes every care to ensure the safety and integrity of your consignments.

We are a trusted partner for UK food import and export businesses, working with a growing number of businesses of different sizes to help them expand into new markets.

Our new role as the inaugural customs site operator at Freeport Liverpool allows us to pass on a range of benefits to our customers. If you’re looking for a trusted food shipping service, then we can help.

We make it possible for you to import and export food products with ease.

Contact our experienced team to find out more about our services and how we work.

Why choose SSO International Forwarding?

SSO International Forwarding is a trusted import services partner. We’re big enough to be able to pass on considerable economies of scale to our customers but small enough to be agile and nimble. Our unrivalled levels of customer service mean you’ll never be far away from advice and support. We aim to answer every customer email within 12 minutes of its receipt.

To find out more about the comprehensive import services from SSO International Forwarding, contact us today or call +44 01744 410178 or email