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If you’re looking to expand your business into new international markets, then you’ll need to get your goods to where they need to be safely and cost-effectively. Shipping, negotiating customs and dealing with different regulatory environments can all be a barrier to developing an export side to your business. SSO International Forwarding’s export service removes the guesswork and confusion from the export process, helping you to develop your plans and grow your business.

Despite Brexit, the EU remains the UK’s largest export market. There are now extra administrative procedures to negotiate for anyone exporting to the EU. Staying abreast of the changes in the regulatory environment can be challenging. At SSO International Forwarding, we take care of the administrative details allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Our comprehensive export services make it easy for you to move into new markets in the EU and across the world.

Exporting from the UK

Fewer than 10% of UK businesses currently export despite exporting offering a wide range of opportunities for businesses to grow and develop. Companies that can trade internationally can become more innovative and productive, with exporting becoming a significant driver of growth.

Developing into new export markets can be confusing, which perhaps explains why such a small percentage of UK businesses have taken the plunge. SSO International Forwarding work to make the process simpler for businesses of all sizes.

What countries we can help you export to?

The rules regarding export from the UK to the EU have grown more complicated since Brexit, with exporters needing to be aware of a range of different factors that can impact the process. At SSO International Forwarding, we have helped our existing customers negotiate these changes and to continue supplying their European markets while helping new businesses take their first steps.

As well as helping businesses export to the EU we also work with customers who export further afield, including the US, China, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and right across the globe. Wherever there is a market for your goods, we can help you to get them there.

How our export services work

SSO International Forwarding take care of the entire export process, from selecting and arranging the right shipping method for your goods, to clearing customs and forward transit:

Road freight

Road freight is the most regularly used shipping method for exporting goods from the UK to the EU. Our export service will help you overcome the potential pitfalls associated with exporting goods to the EU post-Brexit. We find the most cost-effective road freight option for your goods.

Global FCL and LCL Services

Air Freight offers fast and flexible shipping of your goods into the UK. It can be considerably more expensive than sea freight but it does give you a greater range of options in terms of where your goods are brought into the country. In principle, it’s possible to import goods into any UK airport rather than just relying on a handful of ports. If you’re importing goods that have a low volume but a high value and you require speedy delivery, then air freight can be the most efficient option.

Road freight

Sea freight is usually the cheapest means by which to export goods from the UK, particularly from countries further afield such as China or the US. We have extensive contacts with international shipping companies and can arrange for your goods to be transported to overseas markets as cost-effectively as possible. We can help secure a lower price to ship your goods through our extensive network of trusted global partners.

Air Freight

Air Freight offers fast and flexible means to export your goods. It’s possible to export goods from any UK airport, rather than relying on a small number of ports. If you’re exporting goods that have a low volume but a high value and you require speedy delivery, then air freight can be the most efficient option, particularly over longer distances.

Customs Clearance

We make it easy for you to negotiate the customs process, making sure that all necessary documentation is completed and any duties are paid. We eliminate the risk of any delays arising from the process. Any customs issues that do arise are dealt with by experienced logistics professionals and won’t lead to an onward effect on your supply chain. All shipments are cleared end-to-end in the EU and worldwide by SSO International Forwarding.

Why choose SSO International Forwarding export services?

SSO International Forwarding is a trusted export services partner for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re an experienced exporter or expanding into overseas markets for the first time, we will provide you with all the support you need to make the process simple.

We’re big enough to be able to pass on considerable economies of scale to our customers but small enough to be agile and nimble. Our unrivalled levels of customer service mean you’ll never be far away from advice and support. We aim to answer every customer email within 12 minutes of its receipt.

To find out more about comprehensive export services from SSO International Forwarding, contact us today, or call +44 01744 410178 or email