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Direct Representation Appointment

By completing the form you hereby appoint SSO International Forwarding Ltd. (EORI No.) GB393244681000, Companies House Registration Number: 13184206 to act on behalf of the principal named at Legal Name of Business in the capacity of direct Customs agent in accordance with Section 21 Customs Agents of the Taxation (Cross Border Trade) Act 2018. This authorisation is applicable to all consignments arriving/departing the UK as instructed by principal named at Legal Name of Business.

This Appointment applies with effect from the date of signature until revoked by the principal named at Legal Name of Business above with written 7 days’ notice of revocation issued to agent via an email to

Any changes to EORI or Company name by the principal must be communicated to agent to ensure continuity of service.

Delegation Clause:

The Legal Name of Business authorises the Customs agent SSO International to delegate Customs clearance to sub agents as a direct Customs agent of the declarant in all dealings with HMRC where circumstances necessitate.

The principal Legal Name of Business authorises their representative, the Customs agent SSO International, to declare goods to HMRC using:

"*" indicates required fields

This will be your company's name registered in the UK for customs purposes.
The company registration number is your unique number issued by Companies House
Company Address inc Postcode*
This must start with GB followed by a valid 9-digit number registered to your company.
This is mandatory for import/export in the UK. This must start with GB, followed by 12 digits.
No related to export, not a mandatory requirement, and only applicable if registered
Claimed waiver guarantee
For imports only. if you do not have a duty deferment account or CGU number, select N/A. If you are registered for deferred payments, you must select either yes or no.
PVA (Postponed VAT accounting)
For imports only. If you require not to pay your VAT upfront and account for this via postponed accounting please select yes.