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It may be America’s huge tech industry that makes the global headlines, but agriculture and food production remain a significant component of US GDP.

In fact, American food exports are integral to the success of the global food supply chain.

Is the US a major food exporter?

The United States is one of the world’s most significant food exporters and in 2021, US agricultural exports reached record heights. 

With its vast agricultural lands and advanced farming sector, it wields significant influence on global agricultural markets.

With incredible resources, a large workforce, different climactic conditions, and a diverse range of products, USA food exports put the country towards the top of the list of food exporting nations.

What percentage of food is exported from the US?

US food exports make up a significant portion of its total agricultural output.

It varies year on year, but typically around 20 to 25 per cent of all agricultural products that are grown in the US end up on international markets.

This proportion highlights the role American food exports play in supporting the national economy as well as the efficiency of the domestic food sector.

What is America’s largest food export?

With its vast, intensively farmed prairie lands it’s not surprising that grains make up the largest food commodity that the US exports.

Corn, soybeans, and wheat dominate US food exports. These are staples in diets worldwide and are used extensively in food production and animal feed.

Processed foods, such as beverages, snacks, and packaged goods, represent a significant portion of USA food exports, with many American products being favourites with international consumers.

Does the US export food to Europe?

The US has a significant food trade relationship with Europe, exporting various food products to countries across the continent.

Common exports to European nations include grains, meats, dairy products, fruits, and processed foods.

Regulatory differences and occasional trade disputes have had some impact on the growth of US food exports to Europe, but American food products remain popular with European consumers.

Does the US export food to the UK?

The UK imports a wide array of American food exports, ranging from grains and meats to beverages and confectionery items.

Farming and food exports are often cited as a sticking point in any potential trade deal between the UK and the US, with UK producers concerned about the potential impact of US economies of scale and different animal welfare standards.

That said, the US and UK enjoy a healthy food trading relationship that looks set to grow in coming years.

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