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Your air freight forwarding partner

Air freight is the fastest and safest way to ship goods across the globe. It’s an ideal solution for high value, low weight items, and for goods that are needed urgently. Because planes can fly between any airport it gives you greater flexibility. It’s a highly secure form of shipping and, for that reason, it’s often preferred when fragile goods or goods of a high value are being transported.

The air freight shipping process can seem confusing. Finding the most cost-effective and efficient air transportation for your goods as well as negotiating customs can seem like an impossible task. This is why most companies who are importing or exporting goods via air freight will partner with a freight forwarding company.

SSO Logistics is the first choice for air freight forwarding for a growing list of companies. Based in the Northwest, we’re one of the UK’s leading freight forwarding companies with a track record of delivery that speaks for itself.

Based in St Helens and near major air and seaports, with good motorway access to the rest of the UK, we make the process straightforward. With our extensive network of contacts across the industry, we can ensure that your goods are shipped as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

What our services include

At SSO Logistics, we provide a comprehensive set of air freight forwarding services to ensure the safe, speedy and cost-effective delivery of your goods to the final destination. We negotiate with shipping companies, take care of the documentation and legal aspects of the process, while being on hand to provide advice and support every step of the way.

Our extensive network of global agents can arrange air transportation for your goods to their final destination. We help our clients negotiate a constantly evolving landscape, ensuring that every last detail is attended to. We take the hassle out of finding the right air shipping option and customs, allowing you to successfully trade across borders.

Some of the comprehensive set of services we provide include:

  • Global air freight services
  • Customs clearance
  • Facilities to customs clear and deliver cargo from UK airports throughout the UK
  • Storage facilities in St Helens
  • Consular documentation
  • Inward processing expertise and support

Why choose air freight forwarding?

Air freight is a crucial pillar of the global trade system. Every year, trillions of pounds worth of goods are transported by air and it delivers a range of benefits for companies looking to import or export goods over longer distances. It’s widely recognised as the optimal shipping option for high-value and low-volume shipments.

Air freight is the fastest transport option when goods are being moved significant distances. Shipping your goods by air from one continent to another will usually only take a few hours. This means you can have your goods delivered in a relatively short period of time.

Airlines operate on highly reliable schedules, meaning that they can provide more dependable departure and arrival times than sea freight. As most air freight services run on daily schedules, often with hourly departures, even delays in other parts of the transportation process won’t result in extra delays when it comes to air transport.

Air shipping provides high levels of security, with less handling than is the case with most sea shipping methods. This makes it a perfect option for fragile and high-value goods. Air shipments will also usually require less heavy packing compared to other shipping alternatives. The quicker transit offered by air freight reduces the need for warehousing.

Air freight forwarding makes the process simple

Working with an air freight forwarder makes the whole process straightforward. They will manage the movement of your goods from anywhere in the world to your final destination by air freight, providing both consolidated and direct shipment options.

Air freight forwarding operations are supported by sophisticated software systems and will leverage close professional relationships with leading airlines and carriers to drive down costs. With high levels of customer service, on hand support, and deliveries from airport to airport, door-to-door or any other combination, the whole process is made simple.

For high value and time-critical products, air freight forwarding is the optimal solution, helping you find the quickest route to market for your goods. The freight forwarder will ensure that your products arrive where and when they’re needed and in perfect condition.

The air freight company will support you through each step of the process, from preparing documentation to real-time tracking and customs clearance. If you’re looking to transport goods via air freight then working with an air freight forwarder will ensure the whole process goes smoothly while allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Choose SSO Logistics as your air freight forwarding partner

Whether you’re importing or exporting for the first time, or if it’s a key part of your business, our experienced and friendly team can help you transport your goods in the most efficient, safe and cost-effective way. We have a proven track record in air freight forwarding, providing invaluable support based on our extensive experience.

We put customer service and quality at the heart of everything we do. We only work with the best companies and all of our logistics partners have a proven track record of delivery and reliability. We can be relied upon to work quickly, meaning if you need to organise shipping for your goods in a short space of time then we can be trusted to deliver.

Our location in St Helens means that we have ideal links to both the M6 and M62 motorways with easy access to Manchester and Liverpool airports, and the rest of the UK. Our services are also adaptable, and we work with companies of all sizes, finding solutions that fully meet the requirements of our clients.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about sea freight forwarding or any of our services. Contact us today to find out more.